Fractional Services

2-8 days per month might be all you need from a COO to get your business running at its best and aligning your team on the same page.
  • Are your processes all in alignment and working well with your team and systems?
  • Are you measuring the right key metrics to have optimum control of your business?
  • Does your team really know exactly what is expected of them and aligned with the business objectives?
  • Is the organization all pulling in the same direction to achieve a common goal or fragmented into their individual or department successes?
  • Are you sure your business is running at its most efficient and lowest possible cost?

3 Different Ways to Utilize a Fractional COO:

  dv1938015FRACTIONAL / INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER You can have an experienced operations executive support your company for anywhere from 4 hours to 20 hours a week. New businesses, growing companies, and turn-around situations can quickly get a strong operational focus at a senior level. We also help established companies that may be between operations executives fill the gap while they look for a permanent hire, and companies that wish to ‘test drive’ a COO role in their organization. Opmetrics can work with you to assess your top business challenges and build a solution to meet your needs.   OPERATIONAL ASSESSMENT Regardless of what ‘operations’ means in your business, the same basic concepts and principles apply regardless of the industry. Get Opmetrics business assessment before M&A deals for a smoother transition, after a transaction to support integration, or to increase day-to-day efficiencies and prepare to scale for growth. Opmetrics will look for ways to increase efficiency in your company – which will result in lower costs and increased revenues. We will work with you to review specific operational trouble spots or in your overall operation and determine the best approach to get your business ready for growth. EXECUTIVE PROJECT LEADERSHIP Do you have a major initiative that needs an executive level sponsor but your existing management team doesn’t have any capacity to lead it? Don’t leave your important projects to chance. Count on Opmetrics to lead the project team, manage vendor and client relationships, and integrate with your executives to keep your project and your business moving forward. Utilizing this type of fractional leadership 1-2 days per week or 4-8 days per month can keep the business on track while keeping costs down.


Here are just a few of the benefits your company will enjoy by bringing in a fractional operations executive: 1. Get a highly experienced executive at a much lower cost – A good COO in a major metropolitan area will cost you between $30,000 and $50,000 a month with salary and benefits. Most new and growing companies don’t have that kind of budget, but you still have the need for operational focus and discipline. A fractional COO gives you access to professionals that you couldn’t otherwise afford to hire. 2. Solve a one-time problem without recurring costs – Often companies face a one-time issue or project that is incredibly important and requires a senior-level leader, but once that project is completed you do not need an ongoing full-time position. A fractional COO gets you that senior level person for a period of time to get things in order and you can have your existing staff run the operation from there. 3. Test out the role without committing to a full-time employee –Bringing in a part-time executive lets you test drive the role and the person. If you are not sure whether you need a COO on a longer term basis, use the part-time approach to see first-hand if this position is the right fit for your structure – and it may even turn out that your part-time person turns into a great long-term hire. 4. Get a different perspective – The head of your operations doesn’t need to have experience within your industry – in fact I might argue that it’s better if they don’t. Someone who is good at running a company can apply best practices regardless of what you are delivering and bring your business to the next level. Many CEO’s and Board of Directors don’t have the resources to hire a full-time Chief Operating Officer to assist with connecting/driving the strategies of the company to the team for execution. Making sure the CEO’s vision and plans are being executed efficiently is where utilizing a COO on a fractional basis can be the difference between success or a waste of time and money through poor execution and a lack of holding the team accountable with the right operating metrics and processes. Utilizing an executive operator on a fractional basis allows the business to get executive experienced leadership without hiring multiple department executives and burdening the business with excessive overhead costs. With more than 30 years of successful sales, marketing and operations experience to assist companies that need an economical approach with senior executive support, Opmetrics can help. This experience along with a strong support network of partners and expertise, provides your organization the chance to reinvest in the key business drivers to accelerate growth and profitability. You may only need this level of support for short periods of time versus a full-time executive.