Are you tired of hashing through the same topics over and over in meeting after meeting and not seeing results? You have good ideas and plans but trouble executing and seeing the results at the speed you need?

Executing the CEO's vision and driving the business forward across Sales, Marketing and Operations is exactly the difference between success and failure. Opmetrics fractional COO services will deliver results on a fractional cost basis.

Pay only for what you need...

Why pay for a full time executive when you can get all the benefits of a seasoned executive's global experience and diverse network by paying for only what you need. Opmetrics offers executive level sales, marketing and operations consulting on a fractional cost basis delivering results.

Grow your business by optimizing operations/processes and develop/measure key metrics across the organization without spending a fortune on full time overhead resources.

Opmetrics Consulting is focused on providing high-quality, intimate service and customer satisfaction - We will do everything to meet and exceed your expectations just like we were part of your team. We will earn your trust for a lifetime.


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Opmetrics Consulting

Where Vision and Strategy Meet Execution: Fractional COO Services Executing The CEO's Vision With Alignment And Results Across Sales, Marketing and Operations


Steve and I worked closely together at Astadia and I look forward to working with him in the future. His ability to “cut to the chase” and gain consensus among a diverse group of stakeholders enabled him to drive a turnaround to a very successful exit .

Perry Uhles, CPA, CGMA, CFO, Astadia